El Lago

The Costa Martiánez leisure complex or Lago Martiánez as it is popularly known is a set of pools by the sea, but it is also a garden and an open-air sculpture museum. A place of relaxation where you can enjoy the sun and water in a captivating environment with unique architecture and where you can breathe art in every corner.

To better understand the morphology of the complex, the most appropriate thing is to divide it into three areas determined by their date of execution, in this way, the first and oldest would be the area of ​​the San Telmo pools, adjacent at its western end with the hermitage of the same name. The second area is comprised of Las Piscinas called Los Alisios, a set of three pools that occupy the central part of the complex. Finally, and occupying an area of ​​more than 30,000 m2, we find the Lake area that is located in the eastern part of the facilities.

las tres fases del lago martianez
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Initial set of swimming pools built in the last section of the 1950s, they were not part of the Costa Martiánez project and this can be seen in their forms, swimming pools lacking curves and attached spaces with little vegetation where the functionality of the facilities prevails over aesthetics. Already in the first decade of the 2000s, reform works were carried out to integrate this part of the complex with the rest of the facilities, in this way, the vessels were rounded and the surroundings were provided with vegetation according to the rest of the project devised by César Manrique.

Piscinas de San Telmo

The second group of pools made up of three rounded and irregular shaped basins is called Los Alisios, in this area the influence of Manrique is clearly appreciated, which integrates the pools with natural elements such as basalt or subtropical flora. Inside the largest of the pools there is a bar that is accessed through platforms raised above the water. A large Jacuzzi completes this area of ​​the complex.

Piscinas de Los Alisios
Piscinas Los Alisios. Foto: Johnymepeino from La Costa Este, Aún está por ver - alisios II, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4427140

The third, last area to be built and the most emblematic of the pools is El Lago, which has popularly given its name to the entire complex. It is a circular pool of approximately 15,000 m2 with 5 islands inside, 4 of them destined for solarium spaces, while the largest, the central island, houses gardens, a restaurant and a party room, the Andromeda Room, which is below sea level.

It also has another 15,000 m2 for a solarium, with gardens of endemic and subtropical plants. The white color of the palisades that surround the enclosure dominates the entire complex, which contrasts with the volcanic decorative elements.

Vista aérea de El Lago Martiánez
Aerial view

Surrounding this lofty pool there is another one of smaller size and especially depth intended for children, occupying a large part of it a large sculpture is erected that becomes an attraction of games for the little ones. All the swimming pools in the complex are fed by sea water through a complex system of pumps that allow the glasses to be filled in record time, in addition to the colder days one of the complex’s swimming pools is heated which allows bathing every day of the year.

Piscina infantil Lago Martiánez
Child pool

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