Where to eat at Lago Martiánez?

The gastronomic offer within Lago Martiánez consists of four snack bars, two restaurants, a burger joint, and a cocktail bar distributed throughout the different areas of the complex.

1.- Lago Restaurant

The Lago Restaurant is the largest operating restaurant in the complex, equipped with a large terrace for outdoor dining. Additionally, takeaway food can be ordered to enjoy by one of the pools. At the El Lago Restaurant, you can find both set menus and daily specials at very reasonable prices.

Restaurante Lago
Restaurante Lago en el Lago Martiánez

2.- Alisios Burguer

The Alisios burger restaurant is located to the left of one of the main entrances to the complex. It is a fast food restaurant with an extensive menu mainly based on sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, complemented by salads, coffees, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

Alisios Burguer

3.- San Telmo restaurant

The San Telmo restaurant is located near the pools of the same name at the western end of the complex

4.- San Telmo snack bar 

This is one of the small kiosks that serves the area around the San Telmo pools, offering sandwiches, hamburgers, coffees, slushies, and all kinds of drinks that are served to be consumed on the sun loungers surrounding the complex.

5- El Lago cocktail bar

It is undoubtedly the most emblematic of all the catering and leisure establishments located in the complex. It is a bar specializing in drinks and cocktails located inside one of the Alisios pools, accessed by elevated walkways that cross the pool. The bar is topped by a large mast, giving it similarities to an ancient ship.

Cocktail bar Lago

6- Martianito sanck bar 

The Martianito Snack Bar serves the western part of the large lake and the area of the children’s zone of La Jibia. Like in the other kiosks of the same category, we can find fast food and drinks there

Snack bar Martianito

7- Las Raíces sanck bar

Next to the Raíces al Viento sculptural ensemble on the shores of the large lake, we find another Snack Bar that serves this area. Like the rest, sandwiches and soft drinks are the main attractions.

snack bar las raíces

8- Geiser snack bar

At the eastern end of the large lake, we find the last of the snack bars in the complex that serves that area of the resort. The kiosk takes its name from the large water jet that occasionally emerges from that part of the large lake, which is itself a true attraction.

Sanack Bar Geiser Lago Martiánez

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